Stability Gym Ball (75cm)

$ 89.99
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Reebok Stability Gym Ball
Gym balls are an excellent fitness tool to help improve abdominal strength, posture and flexibility. When coupled with weighted products such as dumbbells, gym balls can also provide a great upper body and core workout.

The 75 cm Reebok Stability Gym Ball is manufactured from high-density polymer which

protects the ball from general wear and tear, making it ideal for regular use environments, especially studios. Best suited for those between 188 cm or taller.

Used within fitness routines to improve overall strength and stability, the weighted gym ball base adds an extra challenge to a normal gym ball workout. This feature also ensures the ball doesn't roll away during exercise.

Anti-burst technology is a very important element when it comes to the safety of the gymball user during exercise. In the unlikely event of a puncture during use, the Reebok Gym Ball will deflate slowly, allowing the user to dismount safely avoiding injury.

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