Short Foam Roller

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Reebok Short Foam Roller
The Reebok Round Foam Rollers are designed to be used for physiotherapy, yoga, balance and stabilisation. Round Foam Rollers will not flatten or distort under extensive use.

Foam Rollers are traditionally used for stretching and to help break down soft tissue adhesion and scar tissue. Using your own body weight and a foam roller, you are able to perform a self massage, break up trigger points and muscle knots, increase blood flow and circulation to these soft tissue areas.

Use the shorter version of the Reebok Foam Roller if you intend to take it with you to the gym or fitness class for easy recovery after your workout. The Reebok Short Foam Roller is 45cm in length to help you target specific muscle groups for focused recovery post-workout. Again, the high density foam ensures the roller will not warp after prolonged use and is suitable for applying medium amounts of massage pressure.

- Provides a non-slip surface which is easy to clean and also features a close-cell construction which ensures that the foam rollers maintain shape throughout use.
- Made from synthetic foam.
- Size of roller: 450mm x 150mm x 150mm.

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