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Adidas Train Bar
Resistance training but without weights! Two (65cm) industrial strength resistance tubes are attached to a 70cm steel bar so that you can curl, press, squat, rotate and work every muscle in your body.

The adjustable strap enables you to adapt the resistance in an instant and with the four carabiners, you can attach both tubes to one end of the bar to double up the resistance for rip, cross chop and racquet style exercises.

This is a key piece of conditioning equipment because most resistance equipment limits your exercise options by loading the body only vertically. With the TrainBar you 'load' the muscles that rotate the torso which basically means you will develop '3 dimensional' strength rather than only working through a single plane of motion.

If you position your hands close together on the bar you'll notice the challenge to the shoulder muscles increases when you do any exercises that involve rotation.

The TrainBar enables you to work all three planes of motion against a challenging level of resistance so you can develop a strong core and perform functional strength exercises in no time.

This Adidas product is suitable for outdoor fitness so you can attach it to street furniture or any solid item at the park or in your garden. With both tubes attached to one end of the bar there is a challenging amount of elastic tension which is ideal for working developing strength, torsion and recoil (essential for all racquet sports, throwing and kicking sports).

- 2 x 65cm high resistance tubes and 1 x 70cm steel bar

- Adjustable strap enables you to adapt the resistance level instantly

- Curl, press, squat and rotate to work virtually every muscle in your body

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