Speed Ladder

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Adidas Speed Ladder
The 3 metre long nylon Speed Ladder from adidas features six high impact plastic rungs. Each cell of the ladder is super-sized for fast feet exercises wearing training shoes or soccer boots.

The ladder comes to life when you stop thinking of it as a straight line and look at it as a series of targets and challenges you can jump from box to box or zig zag side to side, the priority is to work on speed, quality of movement and power as equals.

The rungs are a highly visible infrared orange, so when you are moving with fast feet you see your target with your peripheral vision rather than needing to look down all the time (making this better for functional training). Plus, the sides of each cell are soft rather than rigid to minimise any 'trip' risk.

- Suction cups and pegs for indoor or outdoor use.
- 6 Solid bars with fabric connectors.
- 3m length.
- Develops foot speed and cardio performance.
- Carry case included.

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