Agility Grid

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Adidas Agility Grid
The Adidas Agility Grid features six hexagonal cells that can be used individually to create multiple patterns for fast feet, power and agility training drills. The impact resistant material will flex under impact from foot strikes while the high visibility low profile finish encourages confidence from participants.

Set the cells apart and bound from section to section to develop power and accuracy in your stride and foot positioning. Place the cells close together and you have a fast feet session set up and ready for action in seconds. Speed, agility and quickness can all be improved and developed with practice, using the right equipment adds focus, commitment and structure to that process.

The high vis works well on all surfaces and the impact resistance materials ensure you can perform in all environments as they are rain, mud, sun and cold resistant.

- Adidas Agility Grid includes 6 grid cells
- Develops agile reflexes
- High visibility
- Includes fabric connector for storage
- Low profile, impact resistant material

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