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Pro Boxing Gloves

Pro Boxing Gloves

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- Special limited collection "Russia", in the color of the tricolor.
- 100% buffalo leather of high quality.
- Boxing gloves made of high quality leather hand-made, with lacing, which ensures reliable fixation of the fist, reduces the likelihood of injury, increases the rigidity of the impact.
- Enhanced protection of the thumb.
- Gloves have openings in the palm that circulate air and moisture inside the glove and it dries quickly and remains fresh and thus has a longer service life.
- Adidas Dynamic gloves are made of a composite IMF (Intelligent Mold Foam Technology) composite foam liner with a combination of horsehair to impart optimum stiffness and consistency to the shock of the boxing glove, which also provides a uniform level of shock absorption that guarantees perfect protection for your hands, as well as safe for your training partner.
- Lacing cuff.

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