Ankle Weights (2kg)

$ 99.99
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Adidas Ankle Weights (1kg)
Having a relatively light weight held close to your body won't have a radical effect on your muscles but if you place that weight a long way from your centre of gravity whilst working out then the effects really are noticeable.

These adjustable weighted ankle weights from adidas feature a super quick on/off Velcro® design so that they are both comfortable and practical. The soft material gives you a close fit but also ensures your movement isn't restricted when performing your key exercises.

Depending on your workout intensity preference, you can add 1kg of weight into each adidas ankle strap to work towards improving your stamina and strength.

- Adjustable ankle weights with 2 x 1kg removable weight packs
- Adjustable Circumference : Minimum 20cm - Maximum 48cm
- One size fits all
- Velcro® fastening

$10.00 - North Island & South Island

FREE - All orders over NZD $150.00


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